“Mr. Horsford,

I normally don’t take the time to comment on experiences I have as a consumer. But today I felt it was important to provide you some important feedback on two of your team at Rosenthal Acura.

Ash Kapur, your Finance Director and Alan Eden, your Sales and Leasing Manager are examples of real professionals who went out of their way to assist in my securing a new 2010 TL. Ash took the time to work out the details of my company lease agreement, which had some details that took his extra effort and time.  And Alan was so helpful throughout the entire transaction process and demonstrated the greatest of professionalism and courtesy.

At a time when true customer service seems harder and harder to find, I felt it was important to share with you my experience in working with Ash and Alan.


Karen Gebhart

Executive Vice President, Communications”

-Karen Gebhart, 2010 TL



Thank you. I drove half way home with my moon roof open, playing Hans Zimmer music with the deep bass making waves against my left knee. I still can hardly believe my good fortune. As a hard working, single woman I now have my dream car. I am grateful to you and Selim for the pricing and to Acura for a super interest rate, making it all possible for me.

Alan, you were a pleasure to work with, changing forever the stereotype in my mind of a car salesman. I will recommend you and Rosenthal without hesitation.

Thank you again for everything. If you’re there when I return for my splash guards, I’ll pop in and say hi.

Best regards,


-Karen Adams, 2009 TL



Thank you for being such a GREAT car sales expert! You made our Acura selecting/buying experience enjoyable and really had our best interests at heart! We all felt that the staff there were very nice folks and it’s obvious you have a highly performing and collaborative TEAM environment. That’s a wonderful thing. : )

……Again, thanks so much!

Jackie Erickson

Executive Manager, Business Development |National Security and Defense | Engineering &Technology Services |”

-Jackie Erickson, 2009 TL



It was a pleasure meeting you and doing business with you also. Julie and I both felt that yesterday was the best car buying experience we have ever had thanks to you. If we have any friends or family that are ever interested in purchasing an Acura we will definitely refer them to you and tell them it is worth the drive.

Thanks Again,

Mike & Julie “

-Mike & Julie Koontz, 2009 RDX



We very much enjoyed working with you in buying our new MDX. We are enjoying the car totally. We have bought many cars over the years and this purchase experience has been the best by far.

Thanks again for making this a very pleasant experience.”

-Sam Ulan, 2009 MDX


“Thank you for taking care of Linda so professionally.  She was very pleased with the whole trade-in process.  I really like the new TSX…Rosenthal continues to perform in a superlative manner.”

– Retired Admiral John Poindexter, 2008 TSX


“I want to say many thanks for your help and straight forward approach that did not include extensive negotiation….  In the future, if I intend on purchasing a newer TL or any other Acura for that matter, I will keep you and Rosenthal Acura in mind.”

– Andrew Morin, 2007 TL


“I appreciate all your help, you did a great job though the whole sales process.”

– Tom McManus, 2008 TL


“I look forward to dealing with you and Rosenthal in the future.”

– Barb Hansen, 2007 Acura TL


“It was really great working with you for the purchase of our new car.  You have been extremely effective in educating us about the car and helping us to decide on the car and its various options.  Your patient, un-rushed dealing has impressed us a great deal.  We will have no problem referring our friends to you or coming back to you for our next car.  Thank you very much for your help through the purchase process.”

– Scaria and Ann, 2007 MDX


“It has been a pleasure working with you and everyone else I have come in contact with at Rosenthal.. Everything I have heard about Rosenthal has definitely been true so far.  I have only driven my car 5 miles to this point, but I love it already!”

– Mike Barney, 2006 TSX


“I want to say I was very pleased with every aspect of the sale.  Alan Eden was excellent.  He explained all the functions on the vehicle and set up the bluetooth and all the other presets before I left the dealership.  I love the RDX, and wanted to say thanks.”

– Ellen O’Brien, 2007 RDX


“After 1 year of searching and driving many vehicles, I just wanted to ‘Thank You’ again for all your assistance and patience in helping me  decide which vehicle was right for me.  I absolutely LOVE this TL and feel grateful that you responded promptly to my internet request.  The time you spent going over everything on the day of delivery far exceeded any experience I’ve ever had in the past…”

– Terri Brown, 2008 TL


“You did offer great customer service and you had the car and the color I wanted.  This was the best service I ever received at a dealership, and I don’t know how to thank you.”

– Kaya Badjo, 2008 TL


“Thank you very much for all your help and the good value you provided…And you can be sure I’ll recommend you to anyone who is thinking of buying an Acura.”

– Jeff Erlichman, 2008 MDX


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